Frequently asked questions

What is the creative process?

All collections begin with iconographic research (Internet, book, library, exhibition... all other inspiring activities). Then, a color range, in accordance with the theme of the collection is defined. Finally, the creative process takes the form of a drawing, and the search for materials and volumes. Several toiles are made before reaching the final volume of the garment. The last work is the research of the finishing details, with the concern to design them so that they are perfectly realized and adapted to the size of the clothes.

What are the characteristics of the dolls?

Marguerite is 55 cm tall and Jorge 60 cm tall, from the top of their heads below their feet.

The bodies of Marguerite and Jorge are made of natural Oeko-Tex cotton and padded with a soft Oeko-Tex hypoallergenic polyester. Their noses, moustaches and eyes are hand-embroidered.

A small clip is fixed in the upper back of Marguerite and Jorge's back, for those who choose to decorate them, suspended.

Marguerite et Jorge are available for sale, dressed with:

  • Underwear (a natural cotton voile panty for Marguerite, and a natural cotton voile pants for Jorge).
  • A complete look among the current collection.

Can I customize my doll?

Yes, all clothes are offered for sale individually without the purchase of the doll. Thus, you can enrich your wardrobe to personalize your doll and multiply the associations and possibilities of look.

However, to date, no dolls are available " custom-made ".

For who are Marguerite and Jorge made?

Marguerite et Jorge are addressed to all those who love beautiful objects made in accordance with an "ethical" model, close to the climatic challenges and faithful to French know-how.

However, Marguerite et Jorge can have small pieces (buttons, pearls, flower crowns...). The materials used are noble, the whole is delicate and sometimes fragile. Marguerite et Jorge must be treated with care, without pushing them too hard.

It is recommended not to let a child play unsupervised with Marguerite et Jorge.

How to wash Marguerite and Jorge?

Marguerite et Jorge are machine washable at 30°, delicate spin-drying.

Their clothes are preferably washable by hand, with care and using an appropriate detergent (hand washing).

The tumble dryer is strongly discouraged. Drying must be done flat.

Made in a traditional way, Marguerite et Jorge and their clothes are to be cared for with attention.

What is the manufacturing process of Marguerite et Jorge?

Marguerite et Jorge are entirely designed in Paris, prototyped in Dijon, Burgundy and then handcrafted in Châteauroux, in France.

Thus, design and manufacturing are carried out entirely in France, in a short circuit that favours a low carbon footprint.

How many collections are planned per year?

Based on the Paris Fashion Week calendar, two collections are programmed each year.

Capsule collections will also be unveiled throughout the year.

Can I reserve a doll?

It is not possible to reserve a doll at the moment.

Where to buy Marguerite et Jorge?

To date, Marguerite et Jorge are only available online, on the dedicated website :

Can I buy Marguerite et Jorge wherever I live in the world?

Yes, there are no restrictions, only delivery times may vary depending on the delivery address.

What are the accepted payment options?

Payment is only made by credit card:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

How to get an invoice?

A paid digital invoice will be systematically sent to you at the time of payment. In case of problems, you can contact us at our contact email address:

What are the delivery times?

The shipping time is 24 hours after your order. There is no order preparation on weekends, all Friday, Saturday and Sunday orders leave on Monday.

Delivery times vary according to your location.

For shipments to Metropolitan France, your packages will be entrusted to COLISSIMO. Their delivery time is 48 hours.

For shipments to the French overseas departments and internationally, your parcels will be entrusted to DELIVENGO EASY. Their delivery time is variable:

  • between 3 to 6 days for European Union countries
  • between 8 to 12 days for countries from other continents

How do I track the delivery of my order?

The day after the shipment of your package, you will receive by e-mail, a tracking number, with a link that will redirect you to the tracking of your package. This is the easiest and fastest way to track the progress of your package and get a more precise idea of the delivery day.